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Spongellé Body Wash Infused Buffer

  • How to Use

    Nestle into an unforgettably refreshing cleansing experience with our perfectly wrapped boxed collection. Unleash Spongellé’s creamy fragrance by placing your body wash-infused buffer under running water to reveal an airy, cloud-like hybrid of exfoliating massage and silky aromatic cleansing. Patented technology ensures a minimum of 14+ washes.

    Rinse and squeeze out excess water after each use. Sponge can be re-purposed after complete use.

  • Information


    Paraben-Free, Cruelty-Free, and Vegan-Friendly.

    Made in the Los Angeles.

  • Scent Details

    French Lavender 

    Our beloved French Lavender fragrance adorned in a charming gift box makes everyday feel like a Sunday afternoon. Unwind with our aromatic body wash infused sponge and gentle exfoliator to invigorate the senses with one of our most unforgettable scents.

    Smells Like
    A moonlit stroll through the fields of Provence

    Feels Like
    A milk bath of freshly picked lavender

    Fragrance Notes
    T: hesperides M: tea rose, amber B: lavender tea, spicy, woody



    Freesia Pear 

    Our beloved Freesia Pear fragrance adorned in a charming gift box is a nod to summer cocktails blending fresh fruit and sparkling grapefruit tonic. Bathe with our shower gel-in-a-sponge meets body buffing soufflé. Let this one soak in for a one-of-a-kind cleansing experience.

    Smells Like
    Valleys sparkling with fragrant pear trees

    Feels Like
    Taking the scenic route—with the one you love

    Fragrance Notes
    T: lemon, grapefruit, pear M: freesia, peony, floral bouquet B: woody, musk, amber



    Bulgarian Rose 

    Our beloved Bulgarian Rose fragrance adorned in a charming gift box captivates the senses with the allure of fresh roses. Pamper yourself, or a loved one, with one of our most popular aromatic bath sponges, meets gentle body polisher. Get ready for an elevated bathing experience.

    Smells Like
    A little heavenly box of fresh rose petals

    Feels Like
    The most romantic of gestures

    Fragrance Notes
    T: orange, clove, strawberry M: rose, white flowers, jasmine B: woody, sandalwood, ambery



    Suagr Dahlia 

    Our beloved Sugar Dahlia fragrance adorned in a charming gift box is specially curated to dazzle the senses with notes of sweet wildflower and refreshing juicy citrus. This scent is a favorite in each of our bath sponge and body buffer collections for a reason. Its time you discover why.

    Smells Like
    A bouquet of hand-picked wild flowers from your cottage upstate. 

    Feels Like
    A one-way ticket to calmness and well-being

    Fragrance Notes 
    T: citrus nuances, solar accord M: midnight jasmine, ylang ylang, freesia, muguet, neroli B: musk



    Papaya Yuzu 

    Our beloved Papaya Yuzu fragrance adorned in a charming gift box infuses vacation vibes for a tropical escape—anywhere and anytime you please. Use our cloud-like sponge and bouncy buffer to transport your spirits any day of the week. After all, a fresh spritz of papaya always does the body good.

    Smells Like
    A day at the beach—with a tropical drink in hand

    Feels Like
    Warm island breezes kissed in sweetness

    Fragrance Notes
    T: mélange of fruity notes M: floral notes of cyclamen and bois de rose B: sweet sugary caramel



    Honey Blossom 

    Our beloved Honey Blossom fragrance adorned in a charming gift box marries warm honey with blooming lavender for a heavenly bathing experience. The iconic fluffy bath sponge and body polishing exfoliator coalesce with our silky honey for a signature favorite amongst Spongellé enthusiasts.

    Smells Like
    Warm honey-lavender pancakes in bed

    Feels Like
    Soaking in a rich batter of decadent honey

    Fragrance Notes
    T: musk, aldehydes M: lavender B: powdery notes, creamy vanilla



    Coconut Verbena

    Our beloved Coconut Verbena fragrance adorned in a charming gift box elevates any bathing ritual. Be transported to a heavenly oasis bedazzled by juicy coconuts and sun-kissed lemons. 

    Glide along our hydrating bath sponge to soothe and buff for a dreamy-soft complexion, every time.

    Smells Like
    A coconut cocktail infused with a burst of citrus

    Feels Like
    A vacation in a box

    Fragrance Notes
    T: coconut, peach M: jasmine, floral B: amber, lemon



    Beach Grass

    Our beloved Beach Grass fragrance adorned in a charming gift box delivers the windswept sensation of being on an extended holiday. Our body wash infused sponge coalesces with aquatic, woody, and spicy notes and gentle body-buffing exfoliators for an escape from the every day.

    Smells Like
    Invigorating walks along the shoreline

    Feels Like
    An escape to a sandy beach far, far away

    Fragrance Notes 
    T: spicy, fruity, green M: jasmine, rose, powdery B: aquatic, woody, musk


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