100% cotton face mask 3pc set in 3 assorted patterns: blush tie dye, solid blush and light leopard print.



  • Soft cotton material 
  • Washable & reusable 
  • Comfortable & easy to wear
  • One size fits most



  • Face mask: 100% Cotton 
  • Ear loops: Nylon


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*Photos and description by /kit.sch/

Cotton Face Masks (Blush)

  • How To Use

    How To Use
    1. Hold mask by ear-loops with printed side facing out 
    2. Place mask over nose & mouth & place one ear-loop around the back of each ear 
    3. Pull bottom of mask under chin & the top over the bridge of the nose 
    4. Wash & sterilize the mask after each use

  • Care Info

    • Hand wash or machine wash in cold water. 
    • DO NOT TUMBLE DRY. HANG DRY ONLY. Reshape and lay flat to dry.
    • Wash this mask after each use in a washing machine or with water and soap. For best practices, please follow the CDC guidelines.


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